Rental Rules & Agreement

Wedding Barn Rental Rules

I Corinthians 13:4-8

  • Rental dates will only be held with a deposit of 50% of the rental fee and a signed rental agreement. The deposit is nonrefundable. (Exception- Acts of God- all deposits and prepaid services will be refunded.) All funds are nonrefundable 30 days prior to event.
  • All remaining balance for rental is due 30 days prior to the scheduled event. If payment is not received within the allotted time period, the event will be cancelled and there will be no refunds due to lack of final payment.
  • Due to danger of fires, smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking areas. No smoking in building.
  • Bubbles, balloons and sparklers are allowed. No rice or flower seeds may be thrown at any event. Wooden Sparklers (unless burn ban in in place) are welcome. MUST STAY ON THE ROCKS AND ALL SPARKLERS MUST BE PICKED UP.
  • $300.00 refundable damage deposit is required with the final payment 30 days prior to the event. If the rented venue is left clean and free of damage the deposit will be refunded by Always & Forever Wedding Barn within 30 days of the event.
  • You may not sell any alcoholic beverage on the premise. Alcohol MAY NOT be brought in by guests and will be asked to be disposed of immediately. No beverages are to leave the barn area. *If alcohol is served, an off-duty police officer will be hired by the responsible parties.
  • Service for all alcohol beverages will be no more than 3 hours long. Last call is 15 mins. Prior to bride and grooms exit from premise.
  • Always & Forever Wedding Barn will provide 15 rectangle tables , 4 round tables, 150 metal chairs, and 16 – 12’wooden benches 15-8’ wooden benches.
    Decorations, table coverings, chair coverings are NOT provided.
  • When decorating permission is needed for taking current decoration down or changing them. Our staff will assist you in putting decorations on walls or around doors.
  • No trespassing into old barn, horse pastures, outer woods ,house or pool area
  • Event will end immediately if any violence is displayed, no refunds will be given and all damages are your responsibility. ________initial
  • Music should be kept at a decibel that permits guest to talk and hear each other, no loud and blaring music allowed.
  • Owner has the right to escort anyone off premise for any reason at any time.

I will allow you to post our special day on Always & Forever Wedding Barn Facebook page.

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I will allow you to post our special day on

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I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions as stated in the guidelines of Always & Forever Wedding Barn.

Signed: ______________________________________________________________
Wedding date: _________________________________________________________

Wedding Barn Rental Agreement

I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions as stated in the guidelines of Always & Forever Wedding Barn.


PACKAGE/ HOURS: __________________________ PRICE$_____________________

PACKAGE DEPOSIT $________________________

CLEANING DEPOSIT $_____300____


USA VETERINE $_________________

SCRIPTURE $__________________


NAME OF OFF-DUTY POLICE OFFICER _______________________ PHONE#__________


NAME ________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER _____________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________

EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________________________ Date___________

Print Name _________________________________________________________________

Always & Forever Representative ___________________________________________________


I JOHN 4:12